Wedding Confections by Nutmeg Disrupted

Wedding Confections by Nutmeg Disrupted

Nutmeg Disrupted Confections will work with you to create your vision and give your wedding a unique personalized touch that will elevate the experience for your guests. Let us do the work for you. .

Nutmeg Disrupted Loves Weddings









Celebrate those who love you

Your wedding is the most intense and emotional event you will plan. We can lighten that load by taking care of your wedding favours right down to the wrapping! We would love to help you with celebrating your guests with spectacular hand crafted wedding favours. We can custom design a confection especially for your special day.

Confections tables are also available

We will create a beautiful display of candies & confections to create a spectacular Confection Table display for your special day. Everything will be colour coordinated to your specifications and flavour choices are whatever you desire. We also do speciality baking as well as chocolate dipped strawberries along side of our confections line. No limits, anything is possible and we would love to discuss your dream table!

Inquires are welcome & encouraged! We look forward to creating the perfect confections for your special day!

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