The Messy Baker.

The Messy Baker is a collection of much-loved recipes featuring wonderful ingredients to create beautiful dishes that will inspire you!

The Messy Baker Cookbook Review

When the call went out on Twitter for bloggers to possibly receive and review Charmian Christie’s new cookbook from Harper Collins I immediately sent off an email in the hopes I would be lucky enough to be picked.

The Messy Baker on Nutmeg Disrupted

From the first page I was in love with The Messy Baker.

Inspired By Childhood Memories

It starts off with a little girls view of her mother in the kitchen, you can see why she is in love with cooking! Then it moves into gadgets and ingredients which is super handy not only if you are a first time baker but I also learnt a few things and I have been baking for over 20 years! There is a nice measurement table and even an emergency substitution section in case you run out of or are short an ingredient.

Some recipes allow you to use cheaters ingredients if you so choose or go completely from scratch!

From flaky to sloppy, smudgy to drippy and everything in between you will be sure to find many fantastic recipes to try.

The first recipe I tried was the Vanilla – Scented Palmiers. It was a great choice as I had everything on hand that I needed. That jar of vanilla sugar I made 100 years ago as waiting for the perfect recipe. I have always wanted to try Palmiers. I am a huge fan of anything flaky and these do not disappoint.

Vanilla sugar in the Nutmeg Disrupted kitchen











They are a simple yet fancy cookie perfect alongside an afternoon coffee or tea…..or perhaps a few for breakfast as you’re rushing out the door. But not before you scribble a quick note for the teenager to “Do NOT eat, need to take pictures first. Thanks!”

Palmiers in the Nutmeg Disrupted kitchen

So good! You will find the recipe for those in the Flaky section of the book. With chocolate or without, these are fabulous and you can’t stop at one.

The other recipe I tried this week comes from the Gritty section which quickly caught my eye. Actually many did but I had to try the Black an White Sesame Snaps first.

Again, I happen to have everything needed only because I seen Black Sesame seeds in the store a few weeks back and thought they were cool so I bought some.

Sesame Seeds in the Nutmeg Disrupted kitchen

Visually these are spectacular! They are easy to make and are as good as the ones we all ate growing up. The black sesame seeds add an earthy flavor which works very nicely with the honey.

Sesame Snaps from Nutmeg Disrupted

Full Of Incredible Recipes

There are so many recipes in this book I want to try.

I am headed off to Vancouver in the morning for the second annual Food Bloggers of Canada Conference!

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5 Replies on “The Messy Baker.

  1. Biggest kitchen mess? That time I forgot to put flour in the chiffon cake batter, and it leaked out of the two-part tube pan into the oven, and onto the floor and counter. Big oops and total kitchen fail. So, I started again!

    1. Oh man! Now that’s a mess. The mess in the oven had to be the worst part. I probably would have cleaned it up then had wine!

  2. Biggest kitchen mess? Making pie dough from scratch and I had flour in the mixing bowl, on the table top, on the floor and on my apron. The rest of the counter top was filled with utensils, sugar, butter and more!! Cleanup took just as long haha!

    1. Pie crust is always a bit of a mess. At least you remembered your apron. I get halfway through then realize that’s what I forgot. Happens 98% of the time.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You’ve reminded me that it’s far too long since I visited Charmian’s lovely blog. Such a lovely book – and you’ve reviewed it so beautifully.

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