Gardening During a Drought

drought garden

With much of the country having experienced a drier winter than normal we will look at how we can garden during a drought. With knowledge and good planning, we can have garden success even during the driest periods. Planning for Garden Success When Gardening During a Drought Many factors go into the planning for a…

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How To Grow Corn

corn in a three sisters garden

Corn is a rewarding crop to grow in your garden. With deep roots in history, it is one of the traditional plants grown in a Three Sisters Garden. How To Grow Corn In growing zones lower than zone 4 you should start corn indoors a few weeks before the last frost of the season. Corn…

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Terpenes A Closer Look at Terpinolene


Terpinolene is a terpene found in nutmeg, apples, conifers, sage, parsnip, rosemary, cumin, lilacs, allspice, tea tree and some strains of cannabis. The aroma is herbal, woody, piney floral, often described as fresh. Benefits of Terpinolene The strong anti-fungal properties can also be found in tea tree oil. Studies have shown it to be effective in fighting fungal…

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Applewood Smoked Mussels

applewood smoked mussels

These Applewood Smoked Mussels are a spectacular dish you will make often. Ordering Straight from the Source Over the years we have ordered seafood from Prince Edward Island. We have enjoyed everything from lobster to incredible fresh scallops and mussels. You can go to any big city and purchase seafood in a variety of locations.…

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How To Grow Carrots

carrots on Nutmeg Disrupted

Carrots are one of the easiest root vegetables to grow. They can be planted early in the season and can be harvested up until the first snowfall. What you need to know about planting carrot seeds Pick a location where you are going to grow carrots. They prefer full sun, though they can tolerate a…

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