Terpenes A Close Look At Isopulegol

Terpenes A Close Look At Isopulegol

Terpenes A Closer Look At Isopulegol is part of the discussion of the role terpenes play in cannabis.

Isopulegol is a terpene found in lemon grass, geranium, lemon balm, mint, kumquats, rhododendron, parsley, eucalyptus, and some types of cannabis

The aroma is minty, woody, grassy & herbal.

Potential Benefits 

Like Guaiol, Isopulegol is an effective anti-inflammatory that targets systemic inflammation. With further research it may show that it may be beneficial against conditions like Fibromyalgia.

Isopulegol has strong anti-viral properties and certainly could be a promising treatment for viral infections.

Due to the gastroprotective properties it undoubtedly shows promise in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Along with the terpenes Limonene, Myrcene and Nerolidol, it was discovered that it increases absorption, obviously this suggests that it would be a great addition to topicals.

Also discovered to act like an antidepressant and calmed anxiety.

As an effective anticonvulsant it shows potential to be used to reduce seizures.

Other Places You Find Isopulegol

A commonly used ingredient in cosmetics as well as in many health and beauty products.

The fresh minty flavour and aroma make it an often-used terpene in medicine. Because the terpene is a chemical precursor to menthol it can often be found commercially used as a natural source of menthol.

Vaporizing Isopulegol

As discussed in the Cannabis Consumption Methods and Understanding Terpenes post we discuss vaporizing. It is the method of smoking dried flower in a dried flower vaporizer. You can set the temperature to the perfect setting to get most of the terpenes in your cannabis.

Vaporize Isopulegol @ 413F

Cannabis that contains Isopulegol

  • Headband
  • OG Kush
  • Kosher Tangie
  • Head Cheese
  • G’night
  • Miss Fortune Cookie
  • Tropical Fire CBD
  • The True OG
  • Wonder Mint

Quick Summary

  • vaporize Isopulegol @ 413F
  • found in lemon grass, geranium, lemon balm, eucalyptus, rhododendron, parsley, mint, kumquat, cannabis
  • aroma is minty, woody, grassy, herbal
  • anti inflammatory
  • gastroprotective
  • anti viral
  • anti anxiety
  • anticonvulsant
  • antioxidant
  • enhances transdermal absorption


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