Spit Roasted Wild Boar.

Spit Roasted Wild Boar.

Spit Roasting Wild Boar can be easily achieved with the right recipe and access to world class bbq’s.

BBQ Kalynchuk Style

It all started with one Mother of a BBQ!

Now we have roasted many a wild boar over the years, but never in a BBQ like this.

This is the Cadillac of BBQ’s.

I introduce The Bear!

Making Spit Roasted Wild Boar on Nutmeg Disrupted

Now that’s a BBQ and that is just the front.

The back is pretty incredible as well!

3 sinks, hot water on demand and 2 20,000 BTU burners for cooking up huge cauldrons of corn or perhaps deep frying turkey.


This bad boy can rotisserie over 350 pounds of meat in the 3ft x 5ft grilling area on the BBQ.

Exceptional Design

The grill has 5 separate heat zones and an attached smoker.

2 stainless steel prep tables flag the front and tail end of the cook trailer.

These guys have thought of everything.

Estimates from various men attending the wedding, on building a BBQ like this, ranged from $25,000 to $50,000.

Our shout out this week is to Barry owner of On Fire BBQ’s from Beaverlodge! Thanks for this fantastic piece of BBQ mastery! By far the nicest BBQ I have ever seen. let alone cook on.

But enough about the equipment, bring on the pig!


Wild Boar Is On The Menu

We are lucky enough to have a local source for Wild Boar.

A fist full of cash and a large bottle of whiskey secured us one, 120 pound finished wild boar, and a bonus, 1 gallon pail of luxurious local honey.


We decided to go with a dry rub for the flavoring. We also used apple and hickory wood chips to further enhance the flavor.

All in all we used about a gallon of spices, every inch of the boar was heavily seasoned.

We went with fairly traditional rub ingredients, onion and garlic powder, seasoning salt, black pepper and paprika.

Somehow in the early morning darkness, we miss placed the mustard powder.


We knew we were on the right track when just the smell of the dry rub began to attract people to our pig prep area.

And thank goodness for that as I could not help lift it off the truck. With the rotisserie gear installed it was close to 140 pounds.

Iroincally enough, that hardest part of the day………….keeping people OUT of the BBQ.

They need to put a lock on that door to keep the curious out and the heat in!!!

11 hours later……..



Removing the chicken wire.


Letting it rest.


Taking out the rotisserie hook and unwiring the rib cage.


Spit Roasted Wild Boar.


If you have never had Wild Boar before you should consider giving it a try.

It is a very lean meat with a nice mild wild flavor. Very different from domestic pigs.

And a show stopper at your party!

Everyone loved it.

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