Iron Chef Grande Prairie 2011.

Iron Chef Grande Prairie 2011.

We came, we cooked and we had a fantastic whirlwind of fun.

6 teams of 2  were ready to take on the Healthy Food BBQ Iron Chef Challenge in the rainy morning hours last Saturday.

The sous chef on each team had to be 17 years old or younger.

2 dishes were required, an entree and side dish. With 2 hours to complete.

And boy did those 2 hours fly by.

We cooked right down to the wire and plated the judges plate with 2 minutes left.

We also did small plating for the public to try.

My sous chef did an amazing job, with limited kitchen experience he was a fast and willing learner.

Telling him at the start of the morning that girls really dig guys who can cook helped bolster his enthusiasm!

My sous chef – Tyler

 The feedback and interaction with the judges while cooking was excellent. Anytime I can talk food and flavor profiles I get excited!!!

Some of the judges were very interested in the dishes and the process and I had a great time talking with them while I prepared the dishes.

The highlight really was comments from 2 judges. The only chef judging the competition had a few fantastic comments that he shared while I was cooking and the coolest, coming from a food bloggers point of view,  was that he wrote on my score card, Best Plate Presentation 2 Day, u ROCKED!! WELL DONE. I also received full points (+) from him, which again, was a thrill.

And another judge echoed the same comments on plating! And I have to say, it was one thing I studied up on in my planning.  Having just worked on 2 photoshoots for my cookbook, plating is as important as the flavor.

We also scored full points from all 5 judges on originality of the dishes!

Now many of you have been wondering how Team Sugar Unleashed did at Iron Chef.

And to give you an honest and fair answer…………..I have NO IDEA.

We did place top 3 in what was called an extremely tight match.

Got home and went through my scoring paperwork so see what the judges thoughts were and noticed a fairly significant addition error with my score.

Somehow 5 points was missed. In a tight race, 5 points can be huge.

Enough to put us in 1st.


I did call the event organizers and was told they were sorry for the error, thanks for partisipating.

I have to tell you, this feels very unfinished.

And I was, for the first few days afterwards, frustrated.

I have since moved on and have started planning my gingerbread house, for the Festival of Trees, 2011.

Looking to break records again this year at the Festival!

If you have never seen my gingerbread houses before you can see a few of my past Festival entires here.

Sorry I do not have better news. And sorry it took a bit longer then antisipated to wrap up this post.

I wanted to write about it,  without the less then stellar attitude I had earlier in the week.

Thanks for putting up with me!

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5 Replies on “Iron Chef Grande Prairie 2011.

  1. Thanks Karen!!!

    Tyler did great!
    We had a great time!

    Thanks for stopping by, I will talk to you soon my friend.


  2. Well my friend, you are ALWAYS a WINNER in my book. You are so talented and put your whole heart and soul into all that you do. Even more special is that Tyler was able to help you this time. And you know what, I’d LOVE a guy that could cook….I do okay, but having someone cook for me would be wonderful….so you keep working on that.

    I’m sorry things went so unfairly for you; but I am glad that you were able to not focus on it and you feel so great about the comments you received.

    Please call me when you can….and you can talk about those other things, OR NOT talk about them, whichever you prefer. Just know that I am here for you. I am still not processing losing my Kahlua so unexepectedly, but I’m plugging along each day.

    GREAT JOB MY FRIEND!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Carol!

    Tyler had a fantastic time and he learnt a few things.
    It is okay to put yourself out there and try something new!
    And he did so with a smile!
    So in that scence we walked away feeling like winners.

    I also have some trying things going on in my personal life so I didn’t have my heart into doing the wrap up on the competition.

    I am very excited to get this years gingerbread underway!
    It looks to be my most abitious project yet!

    Thanks for stopping by! Your comments are always appreciated!

  4. Awww. I understand why it took so long to let us know now. I kept wanting to ask but didn’t. I would have loved to taste your food! Why do you live soooooo far away?! Glad Tyler got to help you….what an awesome experience for him….you too. I’m looking forward to seeing your next gingerbread house!

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