Fresh Atlantic Ocean Lobster Boil

Fresh Atlantic Ocean Lobster Boil

There is nothing more enjoyable then having a fresh Atlantic lobster boil at home.

Sweet Connections

I admit, I am very lucky to have the connections I do. I can have fresh seafood from eastern Canada on an airplane and flow to me with 48 hours of my request.

Some things are seasonal, so I always try and stock up during the peak seasons.

I will be placing my order for scallops in the next 6 weeks. For just over $200 I will receive enough scallops to last roughly a year. They arrive fresh being out of the ocean less then 24 hours. Love my seafood guy! He is from the east coast, so he is not only a great source for the freshest seafood available.  He has cooking tips and advice for treating the seafood as it was meant to be. And it is great to teach him about the fish from the west coast.

My Lobster Guy

Then there is my lobster guy! He is also from the east coast, but a different island then my scallop guy. He works here in Alberta and hand delivers cases of bottled lobster when he returns from his trips back home. I have Tweeted about my bottled lobster numerous times and people are always curious as to what it is I am talking about. I have to say, it is amazing.

Fresh lobster bottled at the peak of its freshness.

bottled lobster

After discussions with my seafood guy, we picked what week would be the best for optimum lobster and placed the call.

case of live lobster

Within 12 hours we had 2 cases, 40 of the freshest live lobster I have ever enjoyed.

live lobster from PEI

The evening started off with one of the most amazing storms I have ever had the luck to witness. I stood out back for over an hour watching it build. And the payoff was worth it. I captured some of the most fascinating storm shots of my life.

incoming storm

After it moved off towards Grande Prairie it turned into a gorgeous summer evening. The turkey cooker and pots were all ready to go out on the deck. The wine was chilled, corn was boiled, butter melted. Let the cooking marathon begin.

PEI lobster

In a perfect world we would have had fresh ocean water for the boil but being in the northern prairies we had to create the ocean water. I used 2 tablespoons of sea salt for every quart of fresh water.

lobster pot

Bring the water to a boil. Now take your lobster and cross his from legs and remove the rubber bands from the claws. Now place them head down into the boiling water.

fresh lobster

Cover, return the water to a boil and then lower the heat to a bubbly simmer. Lobster will cook in 12-20 minutes depending on the size. Canners will cook in 12-15 minutes, while large lobsters will require up to 20 minutes of cooking time.

Timing should start only after the water has returned to a boil. Once cooked, drain the immediately.

lobster ready to eat

They can now be served hot or chilled by being placed in large tubs of ice water. This stops the cooking process and the chills the meat.

summer lobster boil feast

After the feast I packaged all the remaining lobster in FoodSaver bags and moved them to the freezer.

prepping lobster for the freezer

It is really nice to be able to grab a few from the freezer and pop them onto the BBQ as an addition to a steak dinner or quickly warm them for a breakfast feast of Lobster Eggs Benedict.

After a fantastic night of storms, food, after all my friends had left, I sat out back and watched a stunning 3:30 am sunrise.

Saturday sunrise

The perfect end to the day!


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2 Replies on “Fresh Atlantic Ocean Lobster Boil

  1. I wish that I had a fish guy!! Especially if he got some stuff from the Easy Coast! I’m insanely jealous, I think most of all for the lobster. Oh man, now I have cravings!!!!

    1. I have come to love seafood even more now that I have experienced it so fresh. I never enjoyed scallops until I received some from New Brunswick. They are the best ever. And of course, everyone loves lobster! It has gone from a once in a while treat to a regular feature on my menu. Why eat out when you can feast like that at home! Just love it.

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