Sugar Plums Festival of Trees 2010

Sugar Plums Festival of Trees 2010

Sugar Plums is a multi-award-winning gingerbread house from the Grande Prairie Festival of Trees 2010 build by Redawna Kalynchuk of Nutmeg Disrupted.Dreaming of Sugar Plums Festival of Trees Grande Prairie 2010

As always, I was excited to get started on my gingerbread project for the season. I decided to go with nice bright colors, the house, somewhat traditional with a fun flare.This was my first 3 story build.

I always start with templates for all the pieces of the house. Walls are always designed first, then the roof and any accents to the build, like window boxes, steps and signs.

Sugar Plums gingerbread house pattern on Nutmeg Disrupted

Sugar Plums gingerbread house before the siding.

I have always sided my walls then did the construction of the buildings. It makes for straighter lines and less stress. The siding gets quite heavy and would slide down the walls long before the icing had a chance to dry.


Sugar Plums before the build/

putting on the siding

I use cans to support the walls when building the structures. But be sure the icing has a good set before walking away. Especially on larger walls. I walked away too soon and have had major walls collapse and fall to the floor. A crash like that puts you many hours behind. So, wait that the few extra minutes and allow the icing to really set up. Believe me, it happens! Do not rush this step.


Building the walls of Sugar plums gingerbread house

Some of the details on Sugar Plums

This year I added window boxes. I like that contrast of the black and any chance I have to add greenery to the build I jump at the chance. It is the little details that really make the house unique.

Outside of Sugar Plums

And don’t forget about the sides and behind the house. Like a real yard there is landscaping on all four sides.


Sugar Plums Gingerbread House by Nutmeg Disrupted

This was the final shot before I delivered the house to the festival.


Sugar Plums First place at The Festival of Trees

The house did very well at the Decorators event and placed first with the Judges and the decorators!

First place at The Festival Of Trees 2010, Grande Prairie

Not only did we completely break all records this year as we also won the People’s Choice award Sugar Plums sold at auction for an astounding $600!

We could not be prouder! All the hours of work are worth it when you can produce results like that!

Thanks to all who came out and supported the Festival Of Trees in Grande Prairie this season! It could not be a success without the support of the community.

Be sure to pop over to the Food Bloggers of Canada for a step-by-step tutorial I did on building your own one-of-a-kind gingerbread house!











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