Redawna Kalynchuk has been blogging since 2010. Nutmeg Disrupted is a combination of food and garden topics as well as cannabis education. Now living in the country, she raises beef and enjoys writing about her passions.

From the 4000 sq. foot gardens to the 12-hour canning marathons. 1000’s of hours building gingerbread houses to the delicate chocolate work I do. The all-night sessions running the smoker or BBQing for friends. To the lighting set ups to the many photo shoots to capture it all.

It is what drives me creatively. I love taking on new projects and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It is amazing what can happen when you put yourself out there.

There is nothing more gratifying then taking the freshest ingredients available and turning them into something spectacular then sharing that with those you love.

Welcome to Nutmeg Disrupted

I have been a recipe developer for 30 years and have collaborated with some of the best brands in the space. With a strong online presence, I enjoy being an active participant in the internet creative community!

As long time Field Editor for Taste of Home Magazine. I created content for 13 years for their print magazines and books and also some of their online content.

I am a proud member of The Food Bloggers of Canada and was an avid Gastroposter for The Edmonton Journal.

“You know you’re hooked when your dinner is cold by the time you’re done taking pictures of it”

Featured in the Canadian Tire online catalogue in 2013 and was also published in Our Canada. Most recently I had the honor of having a back page image of Our Canada in August of 2019!

I compete in gingerbread house competitions to raise money for charity. To be able to make something with sugar and flour and raise 1000’s of dollars has become one of my passions. With 15 years building gingerbread structures I love taking my creativity to the next level!

Most recently I was able to develop my Almond Brittle into an infused product for the Canadian Cannabis Market. I have taken my award-winning brittle and infused it with hash rosin to create a full spectrum confection. I

And finally, you can see where I have been published here: Publications & Awards

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Glad you stopped by for a glimpse into the journey.

Redawna Kalynchuk from Nutmeg Disrupted food blogger from Alberta Canada