Lentil Sprouts

Lentil Sprouts

These lentil sprouts are easy to do using green lentils in a large mason jar.

Quick and extremely simple you will be enjoying fresh sprouts by the end of the week. The hardest part about the entire thing is waiting for them to be ready to eat.

All you need is a large mason jar and some cheese cloth and one cup of green lentils.

Green Canadian Lentils to be sprouted in the Nutmeg Disrupted kitchen


In a fine mesh strainer rinse the lentils, removing any that are not good and any little pebbles that may be present.

Once rinsed place them in the jar and cover them with fresh cold water. Cover the opening with cheese cloth and secure it with a screw band. Set in a darker corner of your kitchen.

Soaking lentilos to be sprouted from Nutmeg Disrupted

The next day strain the water off and rinse them a few times. Strain all the water off and set the jar back into its corner. You will need to do this twice a day.

Green lentils ready to sprout form Nutmeg Disrupted

By the end of day two you will notice that your jar is now completely full to the top with lentils. In the next day they will begin to sprout.

The leaves are starting to emerge form the sprouting lentils on Nutmeg Disrupted

Continue to rinse them twice a day. Your lentils will be ready to eat once you notice green leaves emerge. This takes about 5 days. They will be packed very tight in the jar so you will have to dig them out.

Fresh lentil sprouts from Nutmeg Disrupted

Store in the fridge for up to a week. Though I am fairly confident they won’t last that long.

Besides eating them straight from the jar I have been putting them on everything from sandwiches to burgers.

Fresnhly sprouted lentils on a grilled burger in the Nutmeg Disrupted kitchen

They taste like fresh baby peas. Seriously fantastic!

If you love lentils be sure to check out what else I have been creating with them here.

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