Terpenes A Closer Look at Ocimene

Terpenes A Closer Look at Ocimene

Ocimene is a terpene found in kumquats, parsley, basil, allspice, tarragon, bay laurel, pepper, mangos, orchids, mint and some strains of cannabis.

The aroma is sweet, woody, herbal, with citrus and fruity notes.

Medical Benefits of Ocimene

Found to be a beneficial decongestant and expectorant, it can be beneficial in the treatment of nasal congestion.

Ocimene has strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic properties and could be used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.

It is being studied for it’s antioxidative properties and their effects on type 2 diabetes as well as hypertension.

Ocimene In Food Preservation

Found to have high anti-fungal levels, some Middle East countries have used plants high in Ocimene as a preservative to extend the shelf life of dairy products.

An interesting fact, Tarragon which is very high in Ocimene has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes its viable in the use of food spoilage reduction.

Known to have insecticidal abilities, it has been found to fight certain types of fungus as well has work against the larva stage of certain pests.

Did you know? Much like the terpene Farnesene, Ocimene naturally deters aphids. 

It is considered a volatile pheromone which is important in the social regulation of honeybee colonies.

Ocimene is commonly used for its sweet, floral and herbal notes in the perfume industry.

It is one of the terpenes that energizes you and is a great option when looking for a day time cannabis or perhaps a pre-workout flower option.


Vaporizing Ocimene

As discussed in the Cannabis Consumption Methods and Understanding Terpenes post we discuss vaporizing. It is the method of smoking dried flower in a dried flower vaporizer. You can set the temperature to the perfect setting to get the most of the terpenes in your cannabis.

Ocimene should be vaporized at 150F

Strains of Cannabis that Contain Ocimene:

  • Dutch Treat
  • Amnesia
  • OG Kush
  • Green Crush
  • Golden Pineapple
  • Clemetine
  • Dream Queen
  • Jack Herer
  • Sour Diesel
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Purple Haze

Quick Summary:

vaporize Ocimene at 150F

  • found in: kumquats, parsley, basil, pepper, basil, tarragon, bay laurel, allspice, mangos, orchids, mint, cannabis
    aroma: sweet, woody, herbal, citrus
  • anti-viral
  • anti-septic
  • decongestant
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-bacterial
  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-convulsant
  • energizes
  • insecticide

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