Bear In Mind Vintage Gingerbread 2021

Bear In Mind Vintage gingerbread build by Nutmeg Disrupted

Bear In Mind Vintage was my charitable gingerbread build in 2021. I was recently commissioned to build a gingerbread house of a local business. The gingerbread house is on display until the 12th of March in Athabasca at Bear In Mind Vintage. It is to be auctioned off by SCARS – Second Chance Animal Rescue…

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Sugar Plums Festival of Trees 2010

sugar plums

Sugar Plums is a multi-award-winning gingerbread house from the Grande Prairie Festival of Trees 2010 build by Redawna Kalynchuk of Nutmeg Disrupted. As always, I was excited to get started on my gingerbread project for the season. I decided to go with nice bright colors, the house, somewhat traditional with a fun flare.This was my…

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The Sugar Shack Festival of Trees Grande Prairie 2009

sugar shack

The Sugar Shack was a gingerbread house for Festival of Trees Grande Prairie 2009 designed and created by Redawna Kalynchuk from Nutmeg Disrupted. The end of summer means a lot of things to people, and for this girl, it means gingerbread! The emails and donation material came out a few weeks ago and I am…

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Angel Academy Festival of Trees Grande Prairie 2012

Angel Academy gingerbread build from Nutmeg Disrupted

The Angel Academy was the 2012 gingerbread build from Redawna Kalynchuk of Nutmeg Disrupted. The Angel Academy, where all angels come to get their wings! The annual Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie kicked off last night with the Decorators Take a Bough event out at the Tec Center. It is a chance for those…

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Gingerbread Dreams Festival Of Trees Grande Prairie 2006

Gingerbread Dreams the award-winning gingerbread house from the Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie 2006. Award Winning Gingerbread  Never in a million years did I expect I would come to design and create gingerbread houses. I did make a few of the kit ones you can buy. I remember the feeling of “that is all”…

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