Fresh Atlantic Ocean Lobster Boil

PEI lobster

There is nothing more enjoyable then having a fresh Atlantic lobster boil at home. Sweet Connections I admit, I am very lucky to have the connections I do. I can have fresh seafood from eastern Canada on an airplane and flow to me with 48 hours of my request. Some things are seasonal, so I always try and…

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Smoked Maple Canned Salmon

This Smoked Maple Canned Salmon preserves this incredible catch to enjoy for many months. Preserving Your Catch It has been a summer of food, gardening, renos and photography. Fresh fish from Pacific Ocean, live lobster and scallops flown in from Eastern Canada, herbs, berries and veggies from the garden, a few cool updates to my…

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Grilled Lobster with Herbs

This Grilled Lobster with Herbs is sure to become a family favourite. Having cooked most of my life you would think I have a substantial cookbook collection. When in fact you would be surprised at how small it actually is. My cooking magazine collection on the other hand is large. Very large! My passion for food was…

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Coconut Milk Poached Halibut

This Coconut Milk Poached Halibut is a spectacular dish that features some of the best Canadian pacific coast seafood. What a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been. This post has been a long time coming, it seems since I made this dish I have not had time to sit and do a post of any…

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Butter Poached Halibut Tacos


These spectacular Butter Poached Halibut Taco will level up your taco Tuesday. Butter poaching halibut is a spectacular way to try this incredible seafood. It gently cooks the fish while imparting beautiful flavours from the poaching liquid. This time we are butter poaching the halibut in a milk butter poaching liquid with a few simple…

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