Classic Apple Pie

classic apple pie

This Classic Apple Pie celebrates the best of the season. Mastering Pie Crust I remember a day when pie crust was far from keeping it simple in my cooking repertoire. It was one of the more frustrating things I made early on in the kitchen. And by far my most improved. They say, practice makes…

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Cinnamon Buns

These easy to make cinnamon buns will elevate your breakfast or brunch! Master Making Dough There is nothing quite as satisfying as mastering dough. The possibilities of what you can create are endless when you have a solid recipe and a little bit of knowledge. A few notes on the following recipe: the flour total…

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Cream Puffs

cream puffs

These easy to make Cream Puffs are easy to whip up and everyone will think you put in a ton of effort. Simply a pate a choux made with water, butter and flour, baked until crisp, filled and topped they are perfect bit sized or for a full-sized dessert. Cream Puffs Cream Puffs   Save…

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This spectacular easy to make Baklava is sure to impress. Baklava, those sweet sticky squares of nuts and cinnamon layered between sheets of flakey phyllo.  Everyone has had it at one time or another. The dish may seem complex but is actually one of the easier treats you can make. You can find the phyllo…

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Fresh Tomato Tart

This beautiful Fresh Tomato Tart made with perfectly seasoned fresh tomatoes and crispy puff pastry, celebrating the best of the season. It was a great year in the Nutmeg Disrupted Garden. I moved to the country at the end of June and had a nice big garden for the first time in a long time.…

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