Homemade Gherkins

Homemade Gherkins are easy to make, they sweet and tangy baby pickles that are fermented then canned. Plan Ahead  The entire process takes 6 days but only take a few minutes of work each day. They start off with a salt water soak for 2 days. Then they soak in a pickling spice infused vinegar,…

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Smoked Maple Canned Salmon

This Smoked Maple Canned Salmon preserves this incredible catch to enjoy for many months. Preserving Your Catch It has been a summer of food, gardening, renos and photography. Fresh fish from Pacific Ocean, live lobster and scallops flown in from Eastern Canada, herbs, berries and veggies from the garden, a few cool updates to my…

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Raspberry Curd


Raspberry Curd features the best of the season and is a great way use fresh raspberry juice. As mentioned in the Raspberry Jelly post, 2020 was an incredible growing season in the Nutmeg Disrupted gardens. This is the first property I have lived on that has raspberry canes. It has been a wonderful experience learning…

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