Redawna’s Almond Brittle at North 40 Cannabis

Redawna’s Almond Brittle at North 40 Cannabis

Redawna’s Almond Brittle at North 40 Cannabis

After many years of creating edibles for friends and family in the legacy market I am taking everything I have learnt, and I am entering the legal edibles space in Canada.

It all started with an impromptu visit with a friend from Twitter one evening at the end of July. Sipping coffee around the campfire little did I know it was to become one of the coolest collaborations in Cannabis.

Redawna's Almond Brittle at North 40







Award Winning Confection

I have taken my award-winning brittle from my artisan confections collection, infused it with incredible North 40 hash rosin to create a phenomenal cannabis edible experience.

I am incredibly excited to announce the collaboration with Gord Nichol and his team at North 40 Cannabis. With all of my knowledge and the spectacular confection recipes I have perfected over the years I get to create what will be a unique and exceptional edible.

This brittle first got noticed by the Food Network show Recipe to Riches. I did receive a gold ticket for the program and was in the top 5 in Canada. It was a blessing in disguise.

Being told by 3 of the top people in the food and business industry in Canada that you have a great product was huge.  I knew I would one day turn it into something much bigger.

Legacy to Legal

My experience as a confectioner with recreational cannabis pursuits has led me to create some wonderful effective edibles. Combined with my time working as a manager at a retail cannabis shop was a great opportunity. To speak one on one with consumers to find out what they want in an edible was invaluable.

After years of gifting edibles to family and friends and using their feedback, I am proud to not only offer one of the most delicious edibles ever, but one people have requested many times.

Redawna’s Almond Brittle will be available through the North 40 Cannabis Medical platform starting in February 2022.  We will be entering the regulated market in Saskatchewan Spring 2022 and the Ontario market for winter of 2022

Redawna'a Almond Brittle at North 40 Cannabis



The test run was a beautiful infusion of the spectacular terpene rich Platinum OG Rosin from North 40 Cannabis. This is by far the most beautiful rosin I have ever had the pleasure of using. The aroma that fills the kitchen is absolutely incredible.

Customers are in for a treat with this phenomenal infusion. Quoted to be the most delectable edible available legally!






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