A Taste of Barrhead

A Taste of Barrhead


I had the pleasure of attending the second Taste of Barrhead this afternoon.

Hosted by the Barrhead & District Chamber of Commerce, it was an opportunity for local businesses, churches and community groups to gather and present foods from the various countries around the world.

From the moment I pulled up to the school I was excited, the parking lot was overflowing, a very good sign indeed.

The gymnasium was a flurry of activity with live entertainment to line ups at every booth, I knew it was going to be a fantastic afternoon enjoying flavors from around the globe.

And they did not disappoint.

My first stop was at the booth from France! Hosted by The Barrhead Co-op. They had some amazing sweets, from sucre a la crème, cream filled pastries and sugar tarts. Simone did an amazing job and I know everyone enjoyed her sweets. So much so that the tarts were already sold out by the time I arrived.

The France Booth at the Taste of Barrhead

Not sure what direction to head I toured the entire venue deciding what to sample. I stopped at the Italian Ice booth next for what I thought would be a bit of a palate cleanser. Having a hard time deciding between the flavors I went with a combination of Lemon and mango ices. They were perfect after the sweetness of the sucre a la crème.

Mango and lemon Italian Ice at The Taste of Barrhead

As I wandered with my Italian Ice I noticed the Filipino booth in the corner had a very large crowd. That had to be my next stop. I ordered the Rice Vermicelli and one of the skewers of BBQ pork. Because you can’t go wrong with meat on a stick. And I was correct. The  lightly grilled pork was tender and sweet and was fantastic with the vermicelli. After I finished that, I went back for a second skewer of the BBQ pork. I should had gotten a third but was trying to save room so reluctantly walked away.

Rice Vermicelli and BBQ pork at The Taste of Barrhead

Portage College was in attendance doing a sausage making demonstration. They made it look very easy and within minutes had a very nice coil of sausage. I took a pamphlet with information about the classes they offer. I would have loved to attend something like that when I was first learning the ropes in the culinary world. They offer some real-world courses that everyone should take, not only those who are interested in becoming restaurant chefs but for anyone who loves food and would love some good skills.

Sauage making demo by Portage College at The Taste of Barrhead

I had my eye on the booth offering butter chicken and headed there next. It was a nice sized portion and had good flavor. Though not as spicy as what I am used to it was really good and mild enough that the younger foodies in the crowd would enjoy.

Butter Chicken at The Taste of Barrhead

At this point I was full. I know for next year to NOT have breakfast before heading down. To wrap up my afternoon I headed back for one final Italian ice. The blue of the Blueberry was calling to me and I had to give it a try.

Blueberry Italian Ice at The Taste of Barrhead

By the size of the crowd and tables selling out of food I would say they had a very good turn out and will be able to claim the event a huge success! There was so much more I did not get to sample. I know for next year to come hungry and perhaps attend with a friend so one can sample twice as much.

The Norway booth at The Taste of Barrhead

And a final shout out goes to the Norway booth for best dressed! They really added a fantastic feel to the event.

The Taste of Barrhead


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    1. It was a fantastic event Sally. For a small town to have a turn out like they had was fabulous to see. And with only living here just a few weeks it was a great way to get out and start to meet some of the people in my community.

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