There are so many reasons why you should make your own vanilla.

Its easy.

Too easy to NOT make.

You get a nice big bottle!   (if you bake as much as I do, this is a good thing.)

It looks very cool on your counter!!!

You’ll be saving money.

Unless you have been using imitation vanilla extract, which is bad, it is cheap because it is full of chemicals.

Real vanilla is expensive, and for good reason. The vanilla bean goes through a very specific,  long and  labor intensive  process before it ever becomes the extract we use.


Now I decided to use vodka.

It has no taste so the flavor will be pure vanilla. Which is what I prefer for baking with.

As for homemade vanilla recipes, I have seen many, many really BAD recipes.

None of them use enough vanilla beans.

You are making vanilla, not vanilla flavored vodka.

After doing more research on the matter I located a formula which works.

And it also happens to be the law.

The USDA requires at least 35% vol. of alcohol and 13.35 ounces of pod per gallon which is roughly 8-11 pods per 250ml.

My bottle of Belvedere is 750 ml so I have used, 16 beans per bottle.

Yes, 16

All in all, my BIG bottle of pure vanilla magic cost $80.00

It is worth every penny!

Homemade Vanilla


1 bottle of vodka

vanilla beans

You will need to pour out about a 1/4 cup of the vodka from the bottle to make room for the vanilla beans.

Using a sharp knife, slice the beans from tip to tip and place into the bottle of vodka.

Replace the cap and give the bottle a good shake.

Within the hour the vodka should be a nice amber color.


By hour 3 it will start to take on a nice redish hue.


Gorgeous isn’t it!

Now for the hard part.

Go and pop it into a nice dark closet and forget about it.

Everyone once in a while, stop in to give it a sniff, cause you know you want to! And a good shake.

But be forwarned, magic does not happen over night. Infact the longer you can let it sit, the better it will be.

I left mine hidden for 1 year before I pulled it out.


It has a nice rich, warm aroma, with just a little hint of alcohol.

It is the nicest vanilla I have used.

And there is a bonus when you have vanilla beans…………………..


You can make vanilla sugar!!!!

Vanilla From Scratch on FoodistaVanilla From Scratch

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