From legacy to legal.

From legacy to legal.

I knew I was on to something really good, I just needed to figure out where to get started. This is a trimmed down version of my journey from the legacy to legal.

A gift to remember

My passion for confections started at a young age after I was gifted a box of English Toffee in junior high. The memory of opening that box of homemade toffee and how incredibly spoiled I felt in those moments still lingers today.

It was a gift so simple and had a huge impact.

A few years later inspired by the candy stores in Banff & Jasper reignited that passion. If you have ever been lucky enough to visit either of those mountain towns and experienced the aroma of sugar & butter enveloping you as you step into these quaint stores, it is a moment you never forget.

The power of smell

I am sure you’ve experienced it. Being transported back in time to an exact moment, where you even experience those feelings all over again, because of an aroma.

It sparked a creativity in myself to learn how to make delicious confections to spoil everyone I knew. I’ve worked hard over the years to master the craft of playing with sugar and chocolate.

Cannabis. My other passion

Like so many, I began experimenting with cannabis in high school. I grew up in a small town and we had a healthy group of stoners. We were a simple group who had some great laughs and enjoyed each other’s company.

In my early 20’s I was bitten by the gardening bug. I start with cannabis then moved on to flowers and vegetables. Of course, if you grow or know someone who does, it doesn’t take long to start getting creative with your home grow. Playing with butters, oils and alcohols I made extractions that then went into edibles.

Combining my curiosity with cannabis and refining my candy making skills I have been able to create confections that taste incredible. Developed with the user experience in mind.

You never know when something you fall in love with could have an impact on so many.

The Food Network

Flash forwards a bunch of years, I had become a food and garden writer and did some recipe development. There was a show on the Food Network looking for Canada’s best recipes. The winner would receive $250,000 and the product would be sold in stores across the country. On a whim I decided to apply for season 2 with this amazing Almond Brittle that I had come up with years earlier.

I heard back from them almost immediately and was invited to Vancouver to audition for the show. Amazingly enough they loved my brittle which earned me a gold ticket! Though I never made it to the end of the show I did finish within the top 5 in Canada!

Changing Focus

In recent years my focus changed to start offering edibles to those outside of my stoner circle. I had acquaintances that I knew might find my infused confections beneficial and began gifting them. The feedback was incredible. There is nothing more satisfying than making the confections I love and gifting them to people who truly felt better because of a gift of candy. Like when you can help someone with MS have a good day, thta is incredible!

The greatest gift of all came as a simple phone call from my mother. She had placed an order from my confections store, I decided to include a box of infused truffles. I knew she had been struggling with some issues and self-medicating in a negative way for many years. Too many years.

When I answered her call that day it was all very unexpected. She kept it brief but wanted me to know that it was the first time in 19 years she felt no pain. And thanked me.

It was a huge moment in my journey. She discouraged my cannabis use when I was a teen and it definitely created tension for a long time with numerous family members. What a moment indeed.

I only wish she was still here to see how far this plant has taken me.

It is amazing how opinions can be changed when we work hard at something we believe in.

Serving You

And here we are! I am so incredibly honored to be able to serve the community with exceptional edibles. I have taken everything I have learnt from the legacy market and combined it with my candy making skills to create an edible for everyone. Infused with spectacular hash rosin for a full spectrum effect.

Whether you are looking to relax, have a better sleep or just enjoy some amazing edibles my goal has always been for the recipient to have the experience they desire.

Because it is a small batch confection you know the love has gone into each and every piece. My hope is you feel as spoiled as I did that Christmas when I opened that box of toffee.

If you are looking for the brittle or want more information about the product, feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected]

If you are a dispensary that carries the brittle or are planning to send me a message. I would love to promote your store on our vendor page and through my social media channels.

Thanks for reading and if you have tried the brittle, thank you!



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