Grape Jelly

Valiant Grapes

This Grape Jelly is easy to make and celebrates the best of the season. I was lucky enough to work alongside and make a new friend this past year who had an incredible harvest of grapes from his zone 3b garden. Successfully growing grapes in a colder growing area is possible when you have a…

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Classic Apple Pie

This Classic Apple Pie celebrates the best of the season. Mastering Pie Crust I remember a day when pie crust was far from keeping it simple in my cooking repertoire. It was one of the more frustrating things I made early on in the kitchen. And by far my most improved. They say, practice makes…

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Sugared Grapefruit Rind

These Sugared Grapefruit Rinds are a beautiful, candied treat. Grapefruit has always been a favorite, ever since I was little. I love the juicy tartness with just a touch of sugar. Definitely a treat anytime of the day.   Creatively Inspired When we received a very nice looking batch of ruby reds at work I…

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