Homemade Applewood Smoked Back Bacon

making applewood smoked back bacon

This homemade applewood smoked back bacon is easy to make with readily available pork loin. Once you make back bacon you will never buy the over priced stuff again. With a $25 pork loin and a simple bacon kit you can easily have over $100 worth of the most incredible back bacon you have ever…

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Building A Smoker

Follow along on our adventure of Building A Smoker. Char Broil I have been wondering how to start this post for a while now. It came to me quite clearly a few days ago to just simply share the story I have been telling so many in the journey to build this smoker. Because how…

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15 Hour Slow Smoked Alberta Beef Brisket

beef brisket

This 15 Hour Slow Smoked Alberta Beef Brisket showcases some of the best beef in North America slow smoked to perfection. The love affair with the smoker continues! I use a Grill Pro propane smoker. The interior has 3 shelves so you can smoke a fair amount of meat or fish at one shot. The…

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Smoked Maple Canned Salmon

This Smoked Maple Canned Salmon preserves this incredible catch to enjoy for many months. Preserving Your Catch It has been a summer of food, gardening, renos and photography. Fresh fish from Pacific Ocean, live lobster and scallops flown in from Eastern Canada, herbs, berries and veggies from the garden, a few cool updates to my…

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16 Hour Slow Smoked Pulled Pork.

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork

The 16 Hour slow smoked pulled pork is an incredible must try technique. Being a northern girl I have not had the opportunity to try real southern slow smoked pork. Lord knows I have seen enough of it watching Guy and Adam eat their way across America. Now I am not talking that pork loin…

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