Beet Leaf Holubtsi


Beef Leaf Holubtsi feature the best of season and are sure to become a family favourite. Beets In The Garden When I plan my garden I have a few must have veggies that are top priority in my kitchen. Number one on that list is beets. Beets are the most versatile vegetable I grow. I…

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Prosciutto Baked Eggs

These Prosciutto Baked Eggs are a spectacular easy breakfast featuring beautifully fresh ingredients. Some nights there is nothing better than breakfast for supper. Especially when you have an easy flavourful dish that takes simple baked eggs to the next level of deliciousness. I found this recipe on sweetsugarbean and knew immediately I would be making…

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Coffee Cream Martinis.

coffee cream martinis from Nutmeg Disrupted

These Coffee Cream Martinis are sure to be the highlight of your next cocktail party. The Popularity of Coffee Drinks With the trend of cold coffee beverages like iced coffee, coffee smoothies, iced caps, comes another cold coffee drink, Coffee Cream Martinis. To make these martinis extra special the glassed are rimmed with sugar and…

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Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee on Nutmeg Disrupted

Iced Coffee is easy to make at home using hot or cold brewed coffee concentrate. The Love of Coffee Do you enjoy coffee. Hot, cold, iced, with chocolate, foam, no foam, what is your perfect cup of coffee? I love my coffee and I can drink it all day long, from my morning coffee to…

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Perishke is an easy to make traditional Ukrainian dish of fresh filled buns cooked in cream. Traditional Ukrainian Recipes Perishke is still one of my most enjoyed Ukrainian dishes I prepare. Perhaps because they do bring back such strong memories of when I was a child and first discovered them. They were the catalyst of…

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