Composting for Beginners

dark rich compost

Composting for Beginners breaks down the steps to start your own composting program. You have heard the term composting but what exactly does it mean? And how can you put it into action in your yard and garden? We take a deep dive into everything needed when you are considering beginning a compost area. This…

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Fertilizer and Compost

We discuss the benefits of Fertilizer and Compost for a bountiful and healthy harvest. Grow Your Own Food is an information series on gardening in Canada. Fertilizer and Compost Do I Need to Fertilize? A question most people have once their gardens get growing is do I need to fertilize?  Yes, during the growing season…

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Composting Methods in The Garden

Composting in your garden is easy to do and beneficial to create nutrient rich soil to put back into the garden! Grow Your Own Food is an information series on Gardening in Canada that covers every aspect of growing your own food at home. I help you every step of the way so that you…

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