Coffee Cream Martinis.

These Coffee Cream Martinis are sure to be the highlight of your next cocktail party. With the trend of cold coffee beverages like iced coffee, coffee smoothies, Iced caps, comes another cold coffee drink. Coffee Cream Martinis! Coming in a 4 and half ounces per drink this one has some definite kick!!! Adapted from Taste…

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Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is easy to make at home using hot or cold brewed coffee concentrate. Elixer of the Gods Do you enjoy coffee. Hot, cold, iced, with chocolate, foam, no foam, what is your perfect cup of coffee? I love my coffee and I can drink it all day long, from my morning coffee to…

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Mocha Fudge

ground coffee

You are sure to impress with this inexpensive and easy to make Mocha Fudge using simple ingredients, perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth! I am counting down the hours to hosting my very first Cooke Swap! One of the perks of the busy Christmas season. It is a fun way to get together…

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