Mulching, Weeding & Saving Seed

mulching in the vegetable garden

Mulching your garden is one of the most beneficial ways to conserve water and reduce weeds. Grow Your Own Food is an information series on gardening in Canada that will get you started on the right foot and help you every step of the way to having the garden you dream of!   We are…

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Cool Weather Crops

Cool weather crops are  the first parts of the garden we start and are the last sections we harvest. With multiple plantings we can take advantage of all seasons, creating a 4 season garden. This post was written for and first published on Earth, Food and Fire. Many crops can tolerate colder weather and soil,…

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How to plan and grow a salad garden

growing lettuce in the garden

A salad garden is easy to plan and very rewarding to grow. This article was first written for and published on Earth, Food and Fire. It is the first section of the garden that is ready to harvest and will feed you the entire growing season. Now that is a garden worth growing! The great…

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