Dandelion Jelly


This Dandelion Jelly features the subtle flavour of the flower with this incredible jewel coloured jelly. First flowers of the season My 3-acre yard is a carpet of yellow in the spring which I have come to love. With numerous beehives across the road, I have come to appreciate the first flowers of the season.…

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Lobster Eggs Benedict

Lobster Eggs Benedict is an incredible way to feature this spectacular seafood. If you are a regular reader you know I use a lot of lobster in my kitchen. It just seemed natural to use it for breakfast. I could have made crepes but find that to be more of a lunch option so I…

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How To Make Yeast Dough

Learning how to make yeast dough is inexpensive and easy to make at home using simple common ingredients from your pantry. A Staple Around The World Bread has always been a staple around the world, every culture and nationality has a bread recipe which is centuries old. With basic simple ingredients people have fed their…

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