15 Hour Slow Smoked Alberta Beef Brisket

beef brisket

This 15 Hour Slow Smoked Alberta Beef Brisket showcases some of the best beef in North America slow smoked to perfection. The love affair with the smoker continues! I use a Grill Pro propane smoker. The interior has 3 shelves so you can smoke a fair amount of meat or fish at one shot. The…

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Beef Dip

This easy to make Beef Dip features beautiful Alberta beef, slow cooked to perfection. Alberta Beef  The province has over four and a half million head of cattle, compared to the population of roughly 3.931 million people we are outnumbered by cattle. Agriculture has a significant position in the province’s economy with 44% of all…

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Cooking A Tri Tip

Tri Tip is an impressive cut of beef that is absolutely spectacular. The technique we used for cooking a tri tip was to slow roast in the oven then butter bast it for a beautiful finish. Know Your Butcher We are very lucky to know an amazing butcher. His skill is incredible and you can…

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