Terpenes A Closer Look at Delta 3 Carene

delta 3 carene

Terpenes A Closer Look at Delta 3 Carene is part of the discussion of the role of terpenes in cannabis. It is a terpene found in bell peppers, cedar, rosemary, basil, pine trees and some types of cannabis. The aroma is spicy, woody, earthy and herbal. Medicinal Benefits Known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, make…

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Terpenes in Cannabis

terpenes in cannabis

What are terpenes? Terpenes are what give plants their smell. They are hydrocarbons, organic compounds consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon. In simple terms, they are part of the essential oil of the plant. Like any essential oil they play various roles. Some plants with terpenes you may be familiar with are: pine trees lemons…

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