Angel Academy Festival of Trees Grande Prairie 2012

Angel Academy gingerbread build from Nutmeg Disrupted

The Angel Academy was the 2012 gingerbread build from Redawna Kalynchuk of Nutmeg Disrupted. The Angel Academy, where all angels come to get their wings! The annual Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie kicked off last night with the Decorators Take a Bough event out at the Tec Center. It is a chance for those…

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Gingerbread Dreams Festival Of Trees Grande Prairie 2006

Gingerbread Dreams the award-winning gingerbread house from the Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie 2006. Award Winning Gingerbread  Never in a million years did I expect I would come to design and create gingerbread houses. I did make a few of the kit ones you can buy. I remember the feeling of “that is all”…

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Butter Poached Halibut Tacos


These spectacular Butter Poached Halibut Taco will level up your taco Tuesday. Butter poaching halibut is a spectacular way to try this incredible seafood. It gently cooks the fish while imparting beautiful flavours from the poaching liquid. This time we are butter poaching the halibut in a milk butter poaching liquid with a few simple…

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