Butter Poached Halibut Tacos

These spectacular Butter Poached Halibut Taco will level up your taco Tuesday. Butter poaching halibut is a spectacular way to try this incredible seafood. It gently cooks the fish while imparting beautiful flavours from the poaching liquid. This time we are butter poaching the halibut in a milk butter poaching liquid with a few simple…

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Spiced Apple Cider

apple cider

This Spiced Apple Cider is the perfect drink to serve throughout the holiday season. The Flavours of Fall Looking for something a bit different to enjoy this holiday season I started playing with my spices looking to create a nice aromatic apple cider. Using the flavors of fall is a favorite. I can never get…

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Mocha Fudge

ground coffee

You are sure to impress with this inexpensive and easy to make Mocha Fudge using simple ingredients, perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth! I am counting down the hours to hosting my very first Cooke Swap! One of the perks of the busy Christmas season. It is a fun way to get together…

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