Pickled Beets

It is easy to make flavourful Pickled Beets with this traditional pickling recipe. Beets are one of the most loved vegetables I grow. In every garden I have ever grown it is one of the items I plant the most heavily. Beets are a sturdy reliable option that is low maintenance and can be used…

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Fresh Tomato Tart

This beautiful Fresh Tomato Tart made with perfectly seasoned fresh tomatoes and crispy puff pastry, celebrating the best of the season.   It was a great year in the Nutmeg Disrupted Garden. I moved to the country at the end of June and had a nice big garden for the first time in a long…

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Pickled Radish Seed Pods

radish flowers

These Pickled Radish Seed Pods will become a pantry staple. Record Breaking Rain It has been the summer of rain. We broke a 50-year moisture record this year which, for a few reasons is great. The spring was met with many forest fires. Fire bans went up very early in the season, the moisture was…

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