Local Art

Local Art

Roof Tile Project – Sexsmith Secondary Art 20, 30

Artist – Vail Kalynchuk

All paintings below are done on industrial 4 x 2 roof tiles.

medium – acrylic



Heaven – where life begins.


The series of four tiles were originally supposed to be a series of 6, but I ran out of time and steam by the end of the school year to complete them. It was supposed to be a gradient from heaven to hell (if you look at the end of tile 4 you can see what I mean.) Originally the idea was to begin at the golden gates of heaven, travel though a maze into another scene of light and positive happenings, then shift to being dark and evil, then another maze consisting of lava weaving through volcanoes and mountainous crevasses, and ending at the black gates of hell. I would ideally like to go back and finish the series, time permitting.

The Maze of Life.

The maze on tile 2 was ridiculously challenging. It was actually one of the last things to be finished as it took weeks (and all of Christmas break and the first season of Charmed) to neatly paint all of the black lines. As the background was completed first, I was able to start the transition onto the faerie tile following and get it completed without the maze tile in place. Could you imagine if I did indeed begin the second maze tile? I would find myself obligated to make it just as elaborate as the first as to not mess up the balance between the two. With the bright background and the think black lines on the first, it would simply look best to match that with its opposite by creating a dark background with bright glowing lava covering a large area of the tile, but with weaving curvy lines instead to crisp sharp ones like on the first. Sounds like a lot of work! But maybe some day!

The Middle Journey.


I found myself wanting to incorporate my art teacher into the tiles some how. This project left me staying late after school for sometimes hours everyday, and in this time I got to really see my teacher for the person she was and learned many things about her and why she is where she is today. We ended up spending much more time together than she regularly would have been able to with other students and she helped and taught me in ways she would not have been able to otherwise in class; she was very busy trying to keep organized the little room in which art was confined into and dealing with the disrespectful students who simply took her class as an easy way to get credits and treated her like trash. So, I decided to get her to paint something into my project. If you look at the faerie on tile 4, the one being dragged out of the other scene, that would be the small contribution added by my teacher.

The Decent into hell.

In fact, tile 4 could largely be thought of as my tributary addition. Not only as it has a contribution by my teacher, but also the creatures on it are taken from one of my favorite video games (Sudeki).

Well, with the exception of the evil lady and the dragon lurking on the mountain top, that is.

Close up of the dragon. (taken with a phone)

Those are all mine! You can see in the back ground lava pouring out of the right of the tile from a mountain. That would have been the theoretical maze starting point on the next tile if I were to pursue painting the final two.

So then! That leaves the Night tile.

For my English 30-1 class we were to read the book “Night”. It is a book about the true events of Elie Wiesle and his father in the Nazi German concentration camps. Upon completion of reading the book, the class was instructed to create some sort of project in relation to the book. Anything would go. I had seen posters made by gluing information and photos to a large paper, I had seen Lego concentration camps, I’d even seen faux-blood covered barbies dangling by barbed-wire from the roof. I had decided to create a ceiling tile (at this time it was becoming my specialty! By the end on high school I had painted 8!)

Concentration camps and the hell that happened there.


I decided the colour scheme before I had even concluded to make a tile. The entire time I read the vibe I had and the whole back drop of the story. Black with the threat of fire. Fires of hell or fires of the crematoriums. Take your pick. So that’s how I decided to depict the book on my tile.

~ Vail Kalynchuk

All tiles can be seen in the ceiling throughout Sexsmith Secondary School.



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