Music – Gord Downie

Music – Gord Downie

Last year I had the dream come true of meeting my hero, the wonderful, poetic and amazing Tragically Hip front man….  Gord Downie.

He was touring with The Country of Miracles doing some of his solo work.

Gord Downies and The Country of Miracles The Grande Bounce

Never did I think my night would end the way it did.

I didn’t plan for it to happen.
In fact, I never ever thought I would ever be in that situation.

It seemed so out there and I,  being the level headed realist, just did not consider the possibility

……that dreams do come true.

Is there anyone in the world you want to meet?
No limits here, think big!

Think really big.

You know, the things only dreams are made of. I found myself in facing that reality.

It the warmth of the night, behind a tour bus, just after midnight in a city I have grown to love. Face to face with my hero. He who brings joy to my heart and soul through his words. He makes me smile, he makes me cry, makes me think, reflect, dance and makes me so very very proud…… to be Canadian.

It all feels like a dream now. It felt like a dream at the time.

And I am still trying to absorb what this meeting means to me. Truly, I feel changed. Wearing my emotion on my sleeve…… inspired, thankful So many things run through your mind in those moments. Like time has stopped and nothing else matters. Your mind races with all the things you have ever wanted to say. Your heart is pounding and your trying to comprehend what is about to happen. Someone larger then then life, right there, for you to reach out and touch! And hug……..and leave tears on his jacket….

I could not help the tears. In those seconds before he stepped off the bus they started. The release of emotion took me by surprise. Overwhelmed by the fact that I was in those moments….. going to know what it feels like to have a dream become reality. I quickly wiped the tears away and was more composed then I ever thought possible. You wonder what you would say if that moment ever came along, if you would be tongue tied, or sound like an idiot. And thank you god, I was as cool as a cucumber! Definitely one of the more profund moments of my life. EVER.  And he was really great to come out and meet us. I imagine he was exhausted. Those minutes outside the bus are ones I will cherish forever! It was not my only meeting that night!  It was the imfamous and very handsome,  Billy Ray that made the meeting with Gord possible in the first place!

I got to meet most of the Country of Miracles. Talked with Dr. Pee for a good 20 minutes while the stage was being taken down and loaded for the next show. I got autographs from them as they were working. Chatted a bit about the tour. Then headed outside…..and thats when tour bus caught my attention!


The music was amazing that night! They rocked Grande Prairie and we loved it! It was a very intimate show, perfect in every way!

I managed to get a set list, in another strange encounter, with a stranger who was not a stranger at all. The power of social media is great, bringing fans together from across the country and around the globe! Thanks Neil! Though I would have been just as happy with the crumpled set list. You indeed are a gentleman!

Here are some shots of the show. Up close and personal!




Below is just a small taste of Gord with the Country Of Miracles!


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  1. Great tribute Red. I think this diagnosis has really made people think about the fragility of life and the need to live and love to the full.
    Make sure to catch this final tour.

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