Top 10 iPhone Photography Apps

Top 10 iPhone Photography Apps

Join me each week where I break down my top 10 iPhone photography apps and go step by step through my editing process.

I love the versatility of having a camera in my pocket everywhere I go. My first choice in a camera is my DSLR but it is impossible to carry it with me at all times. With huge advancements in technology the cameras that are in our phones can produce great images. Mobile photography is a wonderful way to capture life as it happens. It is amazing if you think about it, 30 years ago the idea of a cell phone with a built in camera was unthought of. Now everyone who carries a phone also carries a camera. That is phenomenal!


Camera + on Nutmeg Disrupted


1. Camera+

iPhones come with built in cameras, that are simple and easy to use. They work fine but there are other choices available. I use a camera replacement app to shoot my mobile photography. Camera+  is the preferred camera for all my iPhone photography. It has built in editing capabilities with 54 filters. Settings for different scenes and 27 frame options. That is a lot of power in one app. 

You can step by step the editing process I use with Camera+ in this tutorial.


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2. Instagram

Chances are you have heard of Instagram. It is the number one choice for sharing mobile photography & video across social network platforms. It also has a built in camera, 24 filters and 12 exposure controls for editing. You will notice its main feature is that it posts all photos to a square shape, like old polaroid pictures. You can upload photos from your phone taken with your camera of choice as well as pictures from your DSLR.  With the app you can share your photos not only on Instagram but can also link and share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler & Flickr. Currently over 300 million people use Instagram every single day.


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3. Square Ready

Square ready was designed for photos that you want to share on Instagram. As mentioned above photos shared on Instagram post only as squares. That means many of your pictures have to be cropped to be shared though the platform. Often that alters the appearance and takes what was a fantastic picture and cropping off some of the important parts of the photo. Most times that affects the composition making it not as appealing once it has been cropped. Square ready is the perfect solution for that. It allows you to shrink your photos to fit into the square without having to crop the image!


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4. Layout

Layout is a new app from Instagram that easily allows you to create multi image collages. There are a quite few picture collage apps out there but this one is seamless & sexy. It gives you a preview of the custom layouts and makes choosing images from your camera roll easy. This is a must have app.


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5. Instaquote

Instaquote allows you to add text, captions and quotes to images. You have the option to use your photos or you can choose form the selection of backgrounds that you can get through the app.


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 6. Snappseed

Snapseed is a simple but powerful photo editing app. You can upload photos from your camera roll or access your camera though the application. It released a brand new update on April the 10th with more cool features. I did a quick run though the new features and look forward to playing with it further. The extra additions are sure to continue and grow its popularity among mobile photographers.


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 7. Photo fx

This is by far the most comprehensive photo editing app available. There are 76 filters organized into 8 groups. There are 878 available presets to choose from. Textures, patterns, diffusions, brushes….the options are tremendous. Considering the size and depth of the application it is easy to use. Created by Tiffen you can expect the same quality that is found in their photography glass.


Autostitch on Nutmeg Disrupted


 8. Autostitch

Autostitch is a panorama photography app that allows you to take a series of photos and seamlessly stitches them into high quality panoramic images. It is easy to use and you can share your images to your email, Facebook and Twitter profiles. A very cool app you should definitely try.


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 9. Word Swag

Word Swag allows you to put text whether it be quotes or perhaps you watermark over your images or you can select from their backgrounds. Their designs and typography are gorgeous. This is the next level of creating beautiful text designs. Bring out your inner graphic designer.


 tackables App on Numeg Disrupted


 10. Stackables

Stackables is the most advanced & comprehensive effects layers and blending app. It has over 200 effects, more then 20 adjustment tools, 60+ masks an over 30 preset formulas. You can create spectacular works of art in this application. I love it for landscape photography. If you love to be creative, this is a must have app.

These are my top 10 go to photography apps right now. Of course this is just a small selection of photography apps that are available. I would love to hear what you are currently using for photography applications and what you love about them. You can leave a message below & feel free to share your images via email at  If I receive enough images I would absolutely love to start a gallery here for everyone to share.  With tens of thousands apps available I know that there are probably some amazing ones that I haven’t heard about.

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  1. Hello Redawna, Social media makes the world a smaller place, doesn’t it? I found your blog through your fantastic Instagram feed….I have been admiring your photos and wondering how I can get such great results with my iphone…this post is very helpful!

    1. Hey Sharon,

      I am glad you enjoyed the post! I will continue breaking down my Top 10 iPhone photography apps! It is amazing how photography has grown because of our phones! There are no limits!

      Happy shooting! See you on IG.

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