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Camera +

The capabilities of Camera + are fantastic. You have a vast array of filters, scenes and frames to take your iPhone photography to a new creative level.

In this post I will show you the power of Camera + with some of the editing I do within the app to take great images and make them spectacular!

Creativity is subjective. The main point is to just get out there and create!

Camera+ is a camera replacement app. I use it to capture 100% of my mobile photography.  There are many camera replacement apps available and you could use any number of them. I advise that you pick one that fits you and learn everything thing about it so you can get the full advantage of what you can create with it. It is better to have a few apps that you can master then 20 – 30  that you only have partial knowledge of how they operate.

Any pictures you take with Camera+ are stored in the Lightbox part of the app. This is where you go to review and edit your pictures.


The Camera+ Lightbox on Nutmeg Disrupted      Camera+ lightbox on Nutmeg Disrupted

First you need to select a photo that you want to edit. Tap on the photo. Then on the option board that shows up beneath the photo select edit. This will open up the photo and display the editing options under the photo.


Editing within Camera+ on Nutmeg Disrupted     Editing within Camera+ on Nutmeg Disrupted     Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted

Now the first edit we can do is to straighten the image. Again, creativity is subjective and there are times when a photo can be quite artistic when it is shot at an angle. If you look at the first image above I have chosen The Lab option which is highlighted in blue. Above that is a number of options to choose from, 15 in total. You browse those by scrolling through from left to right. We are looking at the third one, which is Straighten. In the second image you can see when Straighten is selected a grid appears over the photo to assist in straightening the image. Using your thumbs shift the photo until you are happy with the new alignment. Tap the checkmark to chose the edit. Now this is where we get to have some fun and get creative. To the left of The Lab option is Filters. This is where you have many options to choose from. There are 54 filters in total.


Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted     Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted     Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted

Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted     Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted     Camera+ Tutorial on Nutmeg Disrupted

Now that is a lot of options! You will notice within each filter choice you can add as much or as little of the effect. You can work on the picture for how ever long you want, make as many changes as you want, then you can share or not.  If you like the way your picture looks, touch done on the top right of your screen. Now it goes back to the Lightbox.  Pick save, but keep your finger on the button and some options pop up. Now you can: Save Photo and remove it from the lightbox. Save and keep, Save without edits and keep or Commit Edits. Now that last one is the cool part of Camera+. You can hit Commit Edits, it makes the changes to the image and now you can go back in and edit it even further. Add as many changes to your picture are you like. When you are done editing select done and then choose save and keep. Now your image can be shared.

Greg Dulli edit with Camera+ on Nutmeg Disrupted

This is just one of the many of photography apps that are available. I would love to hear what you are currently using for photography applications and what you love about them. You can leave a message below & feel free to share your images via email at redkaly@gmail.com  If I receive enough images I would absolutely love to start a gallery here for everyone to share.  With tens of thousands apps available I know that there are probably some amazing ones that I haven’t heard about.

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