Sugared Cranberry Bites

Sugared Cranberry bites from Nutmeg Disrupted

We recently did an entertaining tasting event at work. Being a produce manager my selection to choose from is quite extensive. There are so many things I could have featured. At a meeting before the event someone had mentioned cranberry sauce. That started the gears in my mind turning. I thought it was a fantastic idea.…

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Smoked Gouda with Seckel Pear.

Caramelized Pear Smoked Gouda Bites

There was an amazing crop of pears this fall. In a search for doing something different these bites hit the mark. The smokiness of the gouda with the sweetness of the sugared pears and the touch of heat from the pepper it was perfect. I used a combination of Bartlett Seckel pears. I preferred the…

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