Bear In Mind Vintage Gingerbread 2021

Bear In Mind Vintage Gingerbread 2021

Bear In Mind Vintage was my charitable gingerbread build in 2021.

I was recently commissioned to build a gingerbread house of a local business. The gingerbread house is on display until the 12th of March in Athabasca at Bear In Mind Vintage.

It is to be auctioned off by SCARS – Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. I will add details as they become available.

Expanding My Toolbox

This was far different than any build I have done in the past. It was great to use different mediums and techniques. In my 16 years of working with gingerbread it is the smallest build I have done, what it may lack in size, definitely makes up for in charm!

I traditionally build large bright coloured structures as they historically have done exceptionally well for The Festival of Tree events I have proudly been a part of for 10 years. It was so much fun creating something different, for just as an amazing cause.

With stucco walls and a metal roof it almost reminds me of a little hacienda.

Bear In Mind Vintage charity Gingerbread build from Nutmeg Disrupted

Building a gingerbread structure in a spring – summer setting is also new for me. All of my builds have been winter focused in the past. I took the opportunity to put the bright colours into the details of the landscaping.

Nutmeg Disrupted charity gingerbread for 2021

To create the stucco I mixed crushed graham wafers into the icing for a bump rough surface.

Following the theme of crushed cookies, I made the soil in the flowerbed with crushed confetti Oreos. The smell was amazing! And it was a great addition to the feel of the flower beds.

The 2021 charity gingerbread build from Nutmeg Disrupted

The flowers were made with fondant and dyed green spaghetti stems.

Bear In Mind Vintage Charity gingerbread build on Nutmeg Disrupted

The very front railing system on the building was all re-enforced with chocolate. It was definitely the most challenging part of the build.

The pretzel corner fence what a detail I took from my last charitable build for The Festival Of Trees in 2019. I love the natural rickety feel of it!

The 2021 charity gingerbread build on Nutmeg Disrupted

In the reference images the backyard was quite snow covered. I improvised by building a few flower beds and making a stone parking pad. All it needs is patio table and chairs for the perfect summer lunch spot.

Bear In Mind Vintage Gingerbread Build 2021 on Nutmeg Disrupted

I love how rustic this build was and am thrilled to be supporting a very worthwhile cause.

As always the build is 100% edible aside from the interior lights and the bear paw sticker on the sign leaning on the deck railing.

Looking forward to the 2021 charity season, The Edmonton Festival of Trees has not yet announced their plans for this year event. If they are going ahead with a live festival this year you can be sure I will be building again for their cause!

It is such an incredible honour to be able to raise money for such important fundraiser and a career long dream!


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